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October 2012 - Issue 3

Just over half way through the project now, and DigCurV is continuing to make great strides in the development of a curriculum framework.  CURATE! The Digital Curation Game has been rolled out across the network, including the team in Preservation Services in Dartmouth College, New Hamphire, USA , who sat down for a game one morning in July.

The work of the network has chosen to cover all stakeholders in digital curation, from the practitioners, through to the managers and up to the executive levels.  One of the ways in which DigCurV initiates this is through a series of focus groups and surveys.  In the last edition we outlined results from focus groups, and in this edition, Claudia Engelhardt and Stefan Strathmann outline their findings from a survey on training needs in digital preservation.

The point of view of the executive in the world of digital preservation is discussed by Dr. Sandra Collins, Director of the Digital Repository of Ireland, in our 'Interview with an Executive'.  Sandra gives her support to the work of DigCurV, admiring the 'non-prescriptive' approach to the framework development.

Ann Gow and Laura Molloy recently wrote a presentation delivered by Ann at the Digital Humanities Congress at the University of Sheffield, a congress held every two years discussing the state-of-the-art in the field.

DigCurV continues its work to engage with digital curators across Europe and registration is now open for our upcoming ‘Framing the Digital Curation Curriculum: A DigCurV Workshop’ taking place in Florence this December.  Details of the event plus how to register are included within.

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Vicky Garnett (TCD) and Kate Fernie (MDR Partners)

If you have some news on training and continuing professional development in digital curation that you would like to share in our next issue, please contact info@digcur-education.org .

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