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March 2012 - Issue 2

The last few months have been exciting ones for DigCurV.  We have been analysing surveys that dealt with investigating existing opportunities for training in digital curation as well as the demand for training from staff working in cultural and other institutions.  The results highlight that as more and more institutions are collecting digital materials, they are asking their staff to take on new roles in managing these collections.  Our surveys suggest that while there is a lack of training courses, the demand for training – particularly introductory training and training for trainers – is high.  In such difficult economic times it is exciting to see new jobs emerging in this area and it will be important to provide the right platform for training and skills development.

One of the first outcomes of our project has been the launch of a new registry of training opportunities . DigCurV has also produced an evaluation framework  to assist people in selecting relevant training and to aid course design; this year we will build on the framework to develop a curriculum that will promote and develop new training in digital curation.  We are look forward to continuing dialog with colleagues in cultural and education institutions, as well as with other projects, to inform the development of the curriculum as we engage in outreach events, workshops and pilot new training.

In this issue of the newsletter you will hear about what’s going on at University of Goettingen, learn about CURATE: The Digital Curator Game  and how it is available for use by network members, as well as hear from our colleague in the Digital Curation Centre. Enjoy!

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