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March 2012 Press Release

CURATE: The Digital Curator Game

CURATE: Game Board

Lifecycle,’ at the Digital Strategies for Heritage Conference 2011 as a novel way to explore with curators their changing roles due to the need to create, manage and curate digital objects. The game format provides a vehicle for individuals to distance themselves from their everyday issues by providing hypothetical digital project scenarios.

The Game of the Digital Curation Lifecycle’ was created as a board game, with players advancing around the board to the next stage of the digital curation lifecycle each time they successfully make their way past the Start box. The winner of the game is the first person to reach the final stage, or ‘Manage’ of the digital curation lifecycle.

Following the trial of ‘The Game of the Digital Curation Lifecycle’ DigCurV received positive feedback from players and many inquired as to whether it would be possible to reuse – and translate the game into other languages – in future workshops and training events.  Using the DISH workshop as a user-test, DigCurV partners reviewed the game, implementing small changes to ensure smooth play. The name has been revised to, ‘CURATE: The Digital Curator Game’ in order to emphasize the focus on development of the digital curator rather than on the digital curation lifecycle. CURATE is available for download and re-use  by DigCurV network members.

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