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D5.4 International meeting report

Colleagues from the iSchool at the University of Toronto took part in a number of events during the past two years at which we disseminated and obtained feedback about the work that was ongoing and completed under the DigCurV Project. This deliverable provides a “synthetic report on international meetings at which [we have] presented on the development of the curriculum framework for vocational training in digital curation”.  We had the opportunity to describe the work of DigCurV at more than eight events.  The eight events described here provide an indication of the audiences that we reached through our presentations and our discussions—there were other venues we could have included.  The communities included Libraries, archives and information education sectors, digital preservation and information researchers and practitioners, and specialists in digital humanities and the preservation and access to the cultural heritage. Several of these meetings brought together key influencers, decision makers and education leaders in fields from information management to cultural studies.