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"Round table: Creating a common vision for digital curation education: building alliances', Chiara Cirinnà and Maurizio Lunghi, Fondazione Rinascimento Digitale, Florence, Italy and Kate Fernie, MDR Partners, London, UK

Abstract: The “Framing the digital curation curriculum” conference closed with a lively round table discussion, thanks to all the speakers that participated with enthusiasm to the debate, where the most important issues were again placed under the microscope to be summarized and discussed. Wendy Duff, Professor at the University of Toronto,
Faculty of Information, chaired the session Participants were the delegates of the organisations that supported the DigCurV conference and the attendees, which sought to draw on the Curriculum Framework (CF) presented by DigCurV, in order to assess and gain further insights into the contribution of all the organisations in further developments
and adoption of the CF.

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