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Screibman paper12

Paper: "The CURATE! Game: Its Development, Evaluation and Use", Karolina Badzmierowska, Vicky Garnett and Susan Schreibman, Trinity College Dublin, Dublin, Ireland

Abstract - The DigCurV CURATE! Game was developed by Katie McCadden, Prof. Susan Schreibman, and Dr. Jennifer Edmond at Trinity College Dublin (TCD), in conjunction with Carol Usher and Kate Fernie at MDR Partners in the UK. Developed as a means to highlight the importance of training in digital curation among practitioners and managers working in libraries, museums and cultural heritage institutes, the game has since expanded into a self-assessment tool, a team-building exercise and a training tool for early career students. A recent survey conducted by TCD and MDR Partners on behalf of DigCurV on the use and perceptions of the game has revealed new scope for further work

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