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Mary Molinaro

Mary serves as the Associate Dean for Library Technologies at the University of Kentucky Libraries. Her work and research interests include digital preservation, personal digital archiving, and digital library development.  She serves as an instructor and is on the Steering Committee for the Digital Preservation Outreach and Education (DPOE) program at the Library of Congress. Ms. Molinaro has great interest in supporting library infrastructure and planning in developing nations.  She has done extensive work with libraries in Ecuador and served as a Fulbright Senior Specialist in Tunisia.


Extending the Reach of Digital Preservation Practice

Many working in small libraries, museums, archives, and historical societies have been actively engaged in creating digital collections, but often these collections are not being digitized to standards, are presented to users via a web page and are not preserved in any meaningful manner. How do the people in these scenarios discover that there is a problem before they lose content and more importantly how do they learn what to do about it? The Library of Congress Digital Preservation Outreach and Education Program (DPOE) is taking a proactive approach to extending digital preservation education across the country in a scalable way.  This presentation will address these issues and describe how DPOE is meeting digital preservation education needs.

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