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DigCurV network - terms of participation

DigCurV  is a project funded by the European Commission’s Leonardo da Vinci programme  to establish a  curriculum framework for vocational training in digital curation.  We are also a network of cultural heritage organisations,  education bodies and training providers with an interest in education and professional development for digital curators, and we invite others to join this network.

  1. Becoming a member of the DigCurV network is free of charge.
  2. Membership is subject to confirmation. We will send you an email asking for some information about you and your interest in education and training for digital curators, and give you an opportunity to ask us about DigCurV. 
  3. Once membership is confirmed we will include your organisation on the DigCurV network members page.
  4. The contact details that you give will be used by DigCurV to send you news, announcements and invitations to participate in DigCurV activities such as surveys, focus groups, workshops or other events. 
  5. Joining the DigCurV network does not commit you to taking part in the project's activities although we will encourage you to do so. The benefits of being a member of the network include:
    • helping to shape the DigCurV curriculum
    • helping to make the curriculum relevant to your community's needs
    • opportunities to take part in DigCurV events with other members of the network
  6. DigCurV will launch the curriculum framework in 2013.  During the lifetime of the project, network members will be invited to contribute to discussions on models for sustainability of the curriculum, its exploitation and future developments.  Membership of the network during the project, does not imply any future commitment by DigCurV or by the member.  
  7. Members may leave the DigCurV network at any time by giving notice to We will acknowledge receipt of your request and remove your details from the DigCurV network members page within 10 days.
  8. There is a separate mailing list for DigCurV newsletters and members may remove their contact emails from this list at any time without this affecting their network membership.
  9. DigCurV will not pass your contact details on to other organisation without your agreement, see:
  10. Contact us if you have any questions about DigCurV on: