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Neil Grindley

Neil Grindley

Neil is a Programme Manager at Jisc with responsibility for digital preservation. Jisc is an organization that funds and supports technology-related projects and services for the UK Higher and Further Education sector and is influential within and beyond the UK as an innovative agent of change. Neil is also currently a board member for: the Digital Preservation Coalition; the Open Planets Foundation; and the Alliance for Permanent Access. Previously, Neil has worked on projects supporting the use of advanced ICT methods for humanities research and was the IT Manager at the Courtauld Institute of Art.


Balancing the Books: The Economics of Digital Curation Training and Education

A great deal of work has been done to try and quantify the cost of digital curation and much of it has focused on assigning cost, either to various parts of the lifecycle of digital objects or to stages in the curation workflow. These models tend to assume that an organisational capability to curate is a given and have not tended to factor in costs associated with training in order to establish adequate skills within an organisation. In common with all forms of training though, it can be understood as an investment and as such, the cost of it should be weighed against the benefits to determine its value.

Benefits and value are terms that are important for the 4C Project, an EC funded initiative to clarify the costs of curation. The skills and capabilities that personnel either develop or acquire via formal education are all part of the complex financial equation that institutions have to solve to ensure that their digital assets remain safe and accessible.  This paper will outline how the 4C project aims to incorporate factors related to training and education into its work and how it can help organisations to justify investments in staff or in the creation and delivery of curricula.

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